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Emacs for Chrome

Ymacs extended to work as a Chrome App and to use the Chrome filesystem.

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The files in this directory allow ymacs to be packaged into a Chrome app, including support for the Chrome filesystem api. The filesystem api is kind of clunky, but it is managable.

We also add experimental support for some additional commands. We hope that as this generic code settles, it can migrate to the ymacs core.

The commands we add or modify are:

C-x C-f find_file C-x C-w write_file C-x C-s save_file C-x s save_some_buffers C-x C-d list_directory (dired-like) M-% query_replace C-x C-c safe_exit (offer to save modified buffers, then exit) C-h c help_c (display function assigned to key) C-h m help_m (display commands defined in current keymaps)

[search for defineKeys to make sure this list is complete]

You can download the packaged version from

Or, you can run it locally as an "unpacked extension". To do this, start chrome, open the menu, click "More tools", then "Extensions" (or open the url chrome://extensions ). Then, click the button "Load unpacked extension..." and select your ymacs development directory (the parent of the directory where this README file appears).

We are grateful to Mihai Bazon for ymacs, and hope that you like our additions. We're working at and will be happy to consider pull requests.

Pace Willisson Eric Willisson